ghost castle

the world at large

i don't know how anyone can look at the world at large and come away from it with even a speck of happiness left in them. i don't know how any moral, caring person could be expected to stare so much evil and poison in the face and continue to believe that there's good and love to be found.

i don't want to think this way. i want more than anything for the world to be a loving place. i want to build a future i'm proud of, a healthy future for everyone. we have the ability to protect and save humanity, and the planet. and every government, every society, every corporation, everyone fails. we fail ourselves. we fail our planet. we fail the promise of life itself. we collapse into tribes and we dehumanize each other and we don't think further ahead than next week. we concern ourselves with productivity without a goal and will drive a family from their home if we can make money off the next occupant.

the lack of empathy found in every aspect of the modern world is crushing. every system we've built for ourselves is infused with a burning hatred for one another. we want to make each other suffer and we'll run ourselves through if the blade is long enough to pierce you, too. it's an instantaneous thing in so many people's minds, convincing themselves that another human is less than them. convincing themselves that some people don't deserve food. some people don't deserve shelter. some people don't deserve happiness. some people don't deserve justice.

so often i've thought of unplugging entirely. don't follow the news. don't follow politics. live in my own world where i treat everyone right and that's it. but that ignorance is what these systems thrive on. the only way they change is if people change them. if people stand even when they're told to sit; if people shout when they're told to be quiet; if people pick one another up when we're told to tear out our neighbor's throat. that's the only way anything changes.

i just don't know if i'm strong enough.