ghost castle

shut up

shut the fuck up, you shithead. you petulant fucking child. shut the hell up. yap, yap, yap, bitch, bitch, bitch. that's all you do. only time you ever shut up is when you wanna get people to notice to give you an excuse to bitch.

look at this shit. look at this fucking place. you've made a shrine to your negativity. your own little corner with your own little story. most people keep their journals secret for a reason, you know. not because they're embarrassed or anything, but because they know everyone just wants them to shut up about it all. shouldn't you be saying all this to your therapist? shouldn't you go back there once in a fucking while?

just shut the fuck up. you don't want to be better. if you wanted to be better, you'd be better. that's how it works. you get what you want because you do what you want. what do you want? looks like nothing. looks like you want to stay high til you die. noble goal, jackass. shut up.

god i'm sick of you. how much time you've wasted. how little you've amounted to. you worship your own pain. god, just shut the fuck up. get it together and shut the fuck up.