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been meaning to ask you

"i've been meaning to ask you. . . ."

my god. what a phrase.

it's simple, but it says so much. if you read into it, of course. but i have nothing to do except read into things, so i read into it.

"i've been meaning to ask you. . . ."

i've been thinking about you outside of our conversations. that's what it says. i thought about you outside of the times you were right there, talking to me. god, it feels so good to feel like someone thinks about me. to be on someone's mind.

i want to know more about you. that's the other thing it says. i have thoughts, and i want to know how you relate to those thoughts. i want to know where you are in relation to me. i want to relate to you. i want to know you.

"i've been meaning to ask you. . . ."