ghost castle

let's get literal

let's put it into straightforward terms, yeah? nothing like a little self flagellation, right? a little focus-on-the-bad-stuff to cap off the evening?

the last time i had a conversation was march 3rd. almost 3 months.

the last time i saw my brother was may 2020. a year. we don't talk much now, just like before.

the last time i saw my best friend was february 2020. of course there has been a pandemic. but it was like that before too, for years now.

the last time i saw my other close friends: one in 2018, i think. a few hours together during his week in town. one in 2016, maybe? was the last time i saw him really when the drug shit started? when they drove out here?

the last time i talked to her: 2013.

the last time i went a full day sober: december? i was doing good for a while there. i'm not anymore.

hmm, anything else? any other new and interesting ways i can illustrate my this-is-no-way-to-live-but-i'm-livin'-it? any other overly-complex ways i can spell out l-o-n-e-l-y?

nah, i think that's it for now.