ghost castle


ah, joints. you wonderful little bastards.

nothing compares to a well rolled joint. or a jed, like i used to call them. people like bongs and dabs and vapes because it hits so fast, so hard, goes straight to the head. gets you there immediately. 0 to 100.

but where's the magic in that? jeds are so much nicer. rolling one is more fun than packing a bowl. smoking it is less active than a bong or a dab rig; you don't need both hands, you don't even need to look after it's lit. and if it's well-rolled, you only need to light it once.

people will say they're too wasteful. which is true. you can smoke a bowl over and over til it's all ash, but once jed paper burns that's it. shit falls, get over it. but a little bit of waste is worth the infinitely better experience.

the slow arrival, the layers of relaxation you sink into, the steady rise of the musical depth and the true hues, your mouth smirking without trying, your eyelids begging you to close them and just enjoy the moment. a flight actually worth something. your eyes wandering the world around you. your hands free and your arms relaxed. just lifting the jed every once in a while.

and the music plays, something nice.