ghost castle


everything is so boring lately. nothing's happening. internally, externally. nothing. there's a hard-to-ignore stillness, a nothing-state to every word and every motion. my footsteps echo through the earth like it's hollow. there's a cold emptiness laying thick across the world, smothering it in soft, velvet pointlessness.

how many times have i seen this movie? how many times have i heard this song? eaten this meal? even the new feels old. tomorrow is yesterday. funny joke, but i've heard it before.

the only thing new is my dreams. a new movie made of the worst takes. brand-new nightmare singles from my favorite artists played on a radio with blown-out speakers. and the deejay's good, they're throwing some deep cuts in too.

every breath feels like a sigh. a slow, done-with-it exhalation. i guess that's better than a scream. or maybe it's just as bad, but in a different way. no, don't be stupid, it's better.

there was that one song from the '90s that sang, if you're bored then you're boring. fuck that song.