ghost castle


we've all got our own quiet little avoidance tactics. we all look away, change the topic. none of us want to think about it. and the louder it gets, the louder our avoidance gets too.

i feel like i can't avoid it lately. it feels like there's traces of it everywhere. no, i can't watch this movie, it might make me think of it. uh oh, i'm watching some video, and they're starting to talk about it. maybe if i just listen to the rain, i can keep my mind off it.

you know another hard one to avoid? you. you are everywhere. i see you in everything. i see the lack of you in everything. do you know how many songs i can't listen to because of you? how many songs are written specifically about you? i swear, it's damn near all of them.

so the tactics get louder. watch the show again. play the same playlist you've had on for years. watch the game, press the buttons. do it all at the same time even. but go dump your ashtray first. and try not to think of