i am feeling good. i am gaining energy. i am starting back up again.

i have found some love for myself in the past few days. it came a lot easier than it has in the past. i'm happy about that. i almost typed 'i don't know what to think about that,' but i do know what to think. it's good.

i looked in the mirror and i saw someone there i haven't seen in a while. an old acquaintance that i never knew very well. we're getting to know each other now, though. maybe soon i'll have some nice things to say about him, his looks, his heart.

i realized the other day a lot of different things. some i'm still mulling over. but i realized how much i've done. the number of things i've accomplished in the last few years. the learning and the growing. pretty recently i couldn't have made this site. pretty recently i couldn't have talked like this either.

still lonely. still cold. but here's a tip: place your palm flat against the center of your chest. place your other palm flat against your gut. keep them there as long as you need to.

i'll update the entry list whenever i get around to it.

talk to you later.