ghost castle


i'm sick of being an afterthought. i feel weak and powerless, on a physical level, not just mental.

i told you i needed to talk. i told you it was important. you said you wanted to talk too.

i said we could talk tonight. you said you weren't at home, but would tell me once you were.

four hours passed. i sank further and further, waiting. waiting for the message. waiting to be able to connect to you. my best friend.

i check snapchat. where are you? you're barhopping. you're at some house party. of course, and so disappointingly, you aren't wearing a mask. when im terrified for your health, my health.

four hours passed. you strung me along. i needed to talk to you, so badly. and you treated me like an afterthought. what am i supposed to feel when i'm treated like that?

what i do feel is ignored. forgotten. like a chore, like you'll-get-around-to-it-when-you-get-around-to-it.

i thought you were my brother. but when i need you you aren't there.

and you're too busy to even notice that i'm disappointed in you.