my name is ______. i'm an embarrassing stereotype of unhappiness. i waste all my time navigating a labyrinthine prison of my own creation, but if you asked, i'd probably say i like to spend time on my hobbies: reading, writing, html coding, music production, film appreciation, and way too many video games 😅. that wouldn't be true, though; i barely spend any time on any of those things.

i'd like to think i'm a caring person and my friends and family are super important to me. that's why it sucks so bad that i don't have any. see, i'm terrible at maintaining relationships. i think my self-relationship is bad and that keeps me from having good relationships. maybe my brain is broken a little bit, too. all my energy goes to keeping myself together and i don't have any for anyone else. plus, the constant shame-cycle keeps me from reaching out, 'cuz who'd want to talk to me??😂

i think the thing that makes me stand out from everyone else, though, is that i am The Lonely. see, when someone doesn't have fulfilling relationships for a long time, they become Lonely. Lonely is a very rare feeling, and almost nobody experiences it. i'm sure you've never felt it, and are certainly not feeling it now. but don't worry, i have written (and will continue to write!) a body of work about being The Lonely, so that you can maybe understand my wholly unique and noteworthy pain, and then seek me out to fix it for me.


if all that sounds pathetic to you, you're right! you know that one joke? the one about, yknow? that joke is about me! anyway, that's about it! see ya!